Safety for your savings


To remark IFMG´s committment with transparency, our whole process is backed by an e-signature process with full legal validity. This has no costs for you at all, and meets all legal requirements.

This way, under any (unlikely) adverse circumstance in the future, our users could ask for their money against all our present and future incomes, in order to receive their full reimboursement.
This is an additional guarantee, because if you lend your money to a Corporation, the amount you could claim back would be limited by the Corp´s capital or other bankruptcy laws.

This is not the case under IFMG, since we understand retail savers and we know that safety for your money goes first.


To reinforce your capital´s security, IFMG has built its own guarantee fund, which allows us to pay your interests and reimbourse the capital you added initially. Your money back no matter what market scenario we face.

Similarlly to the traditional banking sector, your capital up to 100,000 USD is guaranteed, as well as the interests we should pay you according to your selected Plan.
IFMG is a PRL (Private Retail Lending Initiative) so there is no need for us to be under SEC listings or requirements .

IFMG is not a Corporation, so everything is agreed between retail individuals. All the e-signature process is paid by IFMG.


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